And make decisions with greater focus and clarity that will improve communication, remove barriers of trust, and increase productivity. 

How often do you ask yourself these questions: Are we achieving the desired results in the desired time frame? Is my team performing to their potential? Am I performing to my full potential? Would this knowledge allow me to be more strategic in my decisions?

Identifying the core essence of a group and its individuals is no easy task. However, a lack of this knowledge impacts company culture, staff turn-over, growth, and profit. That is why Balanced Edge has pioneered the Ultimate Assessment Program. We deliver you a comprehensive look into your team, and more importantly, into each person, through a third-party assessment process that uncovers core traits, hidden assets, and liabilities in the critical areas of Communication, Management, Character, Corporate Development, and Decision Making. This crucible experience combines adventure and challenge with assessment and development.

Whereas most personality and aptitude assessments are written-based and completely objective, the Ultimate Assessment is a live observation- an assessment in motion. This assessment is human-to-human, rather than human to computer. The results are a heightened awareness, more authentic communication, full honesty, increased collaboration, and clarity of goals and expectations. At Balanced Edge, we empower teams and individuals to achieve beyond their perceived limits.

How it works:

(1) We provide you with a FREE Consultation with you and your team to identify specific concerns, goals and targets.

(2) We interview each team member who will participate in this assessment process.

(3) A date is set for the Ultimate Assessment experience.

(4) A DiSC Assessment is administered prior to the Ultimate Assessment.

(5) Your team partakes in an exciting and challenging assessment and development experience. The theme, location, activities, and challenges are catered to your group, while each member of your team is assessed using our proprietary technology tool.

(6) Following the challenge experience, the findings from the Ultimate Assessment Tool and the DiSC Assessment are presented to you and your team with a full review and explanation of the 100 assessment categories and how this information is relevant to your specific goals and objectives.

Good news! The journey doesn't need to end here. With a long-term growth and improvement strategy, we can continue to refine and improve your team. Adventure Masterminds and Epic Retreats are among the many exciting options. 

Are you ready? Disrupt the normal and reach the next level, whereby you and your team have heightened communication, real honesty, and clarity of goals and expectations. Contact us now for your free consultation.