Balanced Edge is not a spectator sport

Feel good moments come and go. We believe that true connections endure the test of time when they are supported by a definite shared purpose and vision. We put you in the center of the action while keeping safety as the top priority. Our challenges and adventures go beyond your typical feel-good workshop. We take our groups on exhilarating journeys that strengthen relationships and reject perceived limits.

Explore our world of Adventure.

Discover unlimited possibilities
Experience an unforgettable epic event with your group or organization
Develop yourself and your team 
Sharpen your ability to identify and remove barriers while influencing others towards your desired result 

Seeking an exclusive epic event or adventure mastermind? Looking to invest in your leaders or transform your group with our Ultimate Assessment? We are ready to meet with you and make it happen.

Balanced Edge is a hands-on-the-rock, feet-in-the-water, wind-in-the-face experience.
— Jason Hull, Founder & CEO

Featured Product: Ultimate Assessment

Balanced Edge is a Permittee in multiple US National Forests and Parks and is an equal opportunity service provider.