Are you prepared to respond to the unexpected?

Your valued client suddenly collapses to the ground holding his chest. He is unresponsive. 911 is called. Employees and clients crowd around, not sure what to do. A paramedic and EMT arrive at the south entrance but find the door locked for maintenance. When they enter the building, they are greeted by conflicting and confusing stories from clients and employees. The paramedic is unable to conceal his frustration as racks and boxes of merchandise block their path. The crowd is growing and adding to the chaos. You are frustrated as your managers begin responding out of turn, putting your company at further risk.

Accidents happen and medical emergencies are a fact of life. While most companies have policies and procedures for accident prevention and workplace safety, nearly all are missing this important link- when 911 is called and EMS is activated, what's next? How your company responds may have long-lasting effects on your business. The victim, feeling they were either helped or hurt, may greatly impact your liability. You also want clients exposed to this event to feel reassured that you would provide the same level of help for them in a similar situation. Prepare your team to respond appropriately. 

EMS Interface equips your team to confidently respond to these emergencies- before, during, and after EMS has arrived. Our three-level training and certification program increases the speed and efficiency of response, and, decreases confusion and panic. This training will allow your staff to appear competent, helpful, and prepared to victims and onlookers.

Proper planning, training, and decision-making results in faster patient care, improved good-will with employees and clients, and fewer lawsuits which results in lower insurance premiums. 

Avoid a mishandled and mismanaged response. Contact us today to register for your EMS Interface