EMS Interface - Level 2

Bringing it all together, EMS Interface Level 2 is a comprehensive onsite review at your business. A Certificate of Completion is issued to the business for fulfillment of the course requirements. 

This onsite review is highly interactive and tailored specifically to your location and your team. We will work with you to create specific procedures unique to your site to provide optimum communications, response and access for EMS personnel. We will also engage local EMS resources as necessary to insure they are familiar with your operation so that they can provide the most efficient response possible. 

The end result: A properly prepared workforce will keep emergency situations from escalating. When employees and/or management have received proper training the interaction with EMS becomes a chance for the company to be part of the solution, rather than add to the problem. Providing effective and timely response in emergency situations helps both those in crisis and EMS personnel. The likelihood for litigation is greatly reduced, and company safety and goodwill is improved. Make sure that everyone on your site, from victims to onlookers, is convinced that your operation is helpful and competent and that their safety is your priority. 

EMS Interface Package

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