The results associated with the training acquired through Balanced Edge has had a direct impact on the Trust, Communication, and Collaboration of our team members. The impacts were immediate and are continuing to grow on a daily basis. The Ultimate Assessment has helped create an atmosphere of respect rather than the fear of honest feedback among the team members! The team is now maximizing the individual strengths of each team member to create the most efficient and effective outcome.
— Gary Hayward, General Manager, Win River Resort

Thanks to the team at Balanced Edge, you provided team building in a way we have never experienced before. Beginning with a rescue simulation experience pulled everyone together where all barriers were removed. Position, title, and hierarchy within companies or just between people in general usually separate them into groups rather than unite them as a team. These extreme rescue scenarios force people to break down those walls and truly work together. Both leadership and team effort come together to finish the goal at hand. A great experience and assessment program! By the way, using the cave location was incredible. Everyone enjoyed the journey rappelling over 150 feet into a cavern. It was a once in a lifetime experience- but then to have someone give us a concert in the cave that night. Off the hook! Thanks to everyone at Balanced Edge, we will be recommending you at every opportunity.
— Dave Michal, Founder, Legacy Partners 314

Taking a risk in order to experience life at it’s highest level is a life I have lived throughout my existence. Jason and his entire team have the expertise and the passion to make sure you push yourself to the next level and they keep everybody in the group safe. Balanced Edge will help every team member face and conquer their fears.
— Ray Speth, Founder, Circuit Trees

This company’s MANcation trip rocks! Three full days of in your face activities, such as knife throwing, mountain biking, hiking, rappelling over 100’+ cliffs, zip lining, rock climbing and much more. They provide a high level of safety, professionalism and experience. In addition, they provide meals and essential equipment necessary for each activity. You bring basic camping gear, your MANcard and the intensity level. Great trip to take with the guys and get away from work, wife and the kids. We plan to make this an annual event. WARNING: This is for real men only. By the end, you will be bruised, sore, and tired... and you will LOVE it! Are you man enough to take a MANcation?
— Steve Mungia, Vice President and Commercial Lending Officer, Cornerstone Community Bank

I looked forward to an awesome testosterone filled MANCATION, and what I got was nothing short of that! In fact, it surpassed my expectations! Every day was literally packed with activities. Off the top of my head we.... White water rafted, jumped off cliffs into the water (doing flips oh yeah!), flipped our boat on purpose (because we can!), and learned how to guide a raft through rapids. We also threw knives into targets (not the living), shot bow and arrows (in the dark!), balanced on a slack-line, mountain biked down some sick paths, rappelled and climbed rock walls, learned to tie some knots, zip lined between cliffs (even with a friend for extra male bonding), explored caves while dodging cougar poop, hiked through some sick scenery, sat around the camp fire eating some tasty grub and drinking some tasty grog. The best part of the experience was it put me in check and made me think about life differently. There’s so much more to life than stressing over stupid stuff like prepping for a meeting at work. Cautionary note: don’t go slapping the man after doing a MANCATION.
— Danny Reeves

If I can trust the people in this company with my life then I can DEFINITELY trust them to offer an experience of a lifetime. Incredible people, and incredible challenges. This company wraps up adventure and hands it to you on a silver platter! You will go home wanting MORE adventures, more experiences! Trust me!
— Brandon Chambers