Comprehensive Assessment for Interviews

Hire Right.

Employee turnover. Workers Compensation claims. Damage caused by unethical staff. These are just a few of the realities that can result in entrusting a new recruit with a key position. While finding the right person for the right job is the key for filling a position, it is easier said than done.

Hiring procedures use a multitude of best practices ranging from online personality assessments to targeted interview strategies- all of which offer valuable information. But, at the moment of saying, 'Congratulations. You're hired!' you are stepping into many unknowns. 

Days, months, and even years go by. If a new hire does not embrace the company culture and brand, the damage caused can be widespread, with significant losses to team moral, revenue, growth, and momentum. The hiring process must be restarted with a requirement for more time, resources, and effort. 

What if you could know the person at a deeper level- the internal traits that motivate and compel someone to action? Now you can.    

Using the Balanced Edge Ultimate Assessment, the Ultimate Interview provides a comprehensive assurance for your hiring process. This third-party live assessment provides you with knowledge about the candidates ability to:

  1. Respond to stressful and unknown situations 
  2. Remain open to ideas, suggestions, and impressions
  3. Possess an enduring confidence and leadership that promotes trust with others
  4. Apply self initiative and a high standard in completing tasks
  5. Be perceived by others as trustworthy and authentic 

And, there is much more. In fact, 95 more nuggets of information that will serve as a guide and validator for your final decision. The Ultimate Interview is most cost-effective when applied to key role positions and used for the remaining 5-25 applicants. Assessment results are provided within three business days of the Ultimate Assessment experience. 

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Ultimate Interview Package

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