Advance the Right Person for the Right Position

John is a loyal top-performer and has been with the company longer than most. Everyone agrees he is the ideal manager. When he is promoted to an executive level position, his performance declines and he becomes difficult to work with. Within time, he leaves the company angry and resentful. A claim for wrongful termination is filed. What happened to John? 

Advancing your best performing and most loyal staff is a challenge. We have all experienced or heard of a story where an employee 'changes' after a promotion. Most often, it is the result of removing the right person in the right position and placing that person in a role that is not a good fit. By rewarding loyalty, sometimes we unknowingly position our best and most loyal employees for failure. 

The Ultimate Assessment is a critical tool in the process of advancement. Through this comprehensive third-party assessment you will have a deeper knowledge of your team- where and how they are best utilized, supported and incentivized.

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