Assessment & Development Challenge for Executives and Managers

You are a high performance team. But, how can you become better? What will it take to address weaknesses and reach to the next level? Have the strengths of your team and each individual been identified and utilized for greater results? 

Balanced Edge takes high performing leadership teams through an extraordinary experience that stretches them beyond their perceived limits. This experience is customized to fit the specific assessment and development needs and goals of your team. Our assessment experiences are conducted in rural and remote settings, while others are urban. Each experience is designed around a theme, such as search and rescue, island survival, snow survival, lost at sea, zombie apocalypse, and many others. The level of physical challenge varies depending on the needs of the team. No outdoor, adventure, or zombie experience is necessary. 

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The Ultimate Assessment has helped create an atmosphere of respect rather than the fear of honest feedback among the team members! The team is now maximizing the individual strengths of each team member to create the most efficient and effective outcome.
— Gary Hayward, General Manager, Win River Resort

Ultimate Leader Challenge Package

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