What do drug dealers and firefighters have in common? And, how can it improve my business?

You may be asking yourself- if firefighters are heroes and good guys, and drug dealers are villains and bad guys, what could they possibly have in common?A lot.

Firefighters and drug dealers share the following 15 traits. They:

  1. Set and achieve targets
  2. Have a sense of urgency and purpose that is greater than a single person
  3. Understand that the consequences of failure are massive
  4. Use communication effectively
  5. Apply current and relevant information to make quick decisions
  6. Have an ability to redirect a course of action with rapid speed
  7. Are highly disciplined
  8. Understand that excuses have no value
  9. Are very well organized
  10. Understand loyalty
  11. Have contingency plans for the unforeseen
  12. Are well trained
  13. Are vigilant
  14. Are solution finders
  15. Have an ability to innovate and implement new technologies and methods

While there is a long list of differences between drug dealers and firefighters, I summed it up to the top three:

  • Firefighters are dedicated to preserving life
    • Dealers destroy life
  • Firefighters reunite families
    • Dealers divide families
  • Firefighters gain loyalty through follow through and admiration
    • Dealers gain loyalty through fear and intimidation

Do you and your business have these 15 traits for success? How can you apply this information to improve your business?

Did you find this interesting? More to come, as we break this down.