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In business, the unknown is right around the corner. Team inefficiencies come with a cost- resources, personnel, clients, and lost deals. Even well-functioning teams often find themselves off-balance when it comes to identifying solutions and taking decisive action when unexpected events occur. 

We have created Survival Team Building to allow your team to step into a world of urgency and purpose. This is a 'full scenario' experience that takes your team into an environment with increasing physical, mental, and social challenges. Solutions to these barriers are realized as your team performs under pressure and copes with the unknown. This is not an entry-level team building course!

Survival scenarios may be in rural or urban settings. For example, deep in the woods or in a factory plant. Your choice. Perhaps you are the survivors of a plane crash, with members of your team having injuries and physical limitations. Or, your group is trapped in a building from an earthquake. Your own custom Survival Team Building experience will be created depending on the desired geographic location, specific goals and objectives, level of challenge requested, and the length of time (one day or multi-day).

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When the road ahead is unknown and sudden situations require a decisive solution, your ability to think clearly under pressure is the difference between failure and success.
— Jason Hull

Survival Team Building Package

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